Love Notes

Jen’s presence, support, and guidance was what got me through my labor and delivery without medications, IV’s, interventions, stalling, or tearing.” “She not only provided support for myself but for my husband, mother, and father as well. I don’t know how I could have done it without her and I am forever grateful for the belief she had in me, making me believe in myself and body, and ultimately helping in giving my baby girl the best birthday that I could have ever imagined.


Throughout our pregnancy, Jen was professional, courteous, knowledgable, and helpful. She guided us through a wonderful birth, and we continue to be grateful. We recommend her as highly as we can.


JenGraham = Superwomanbabywhisper! I learned so much from you and have been implementing your tips since you left! Because of you, I’ve gotten the baby to smile tons now throughout the day with our new playing routine. So cool!! I love it!


Thank you for being so amazing this past year and for helping us have the birth experience of our dreams. You are one incredible woman.

Natalie & Ashley

Thank you for guiding us through an amazing birth and being there to support us with our new little one. You are awesome!


I am so grateful for Jen’s contribution to my extraordinary birth experience. She stayed close at my side and whispered gentle encouragement when I needed it most. She provided much more than support and friendship, but also peace of mind and body.


I chose Jen to be our doula because of her compassion, knowledge and down-to-earth personality, I felt comfortable enough to ask her anything. When my labor didn’t go according to my exact perfect plan, Jen helped me to deal with the situation as it happened and we walked through it having the best possible outcome, as I still had the natural, non-medicated birth I wanted.  I would highly recommend Jen as a birth doula; if not for her experience and knowledge I am certain my birth experience would not have turned out as wonderful as it did.


Thank you for helping me through the end of my pregnancy and through labor! I am very grateful for your experience, confidence and knowledge. I really felt I could trust you and was comforted by your presence!


We are grateful for your counsel during some tough decisions we had to make. We would not have been nearly as informed without your help!


Choosing to do a natural birth was something I was committed to and very encouraged by Jen to do. There were moments that I would mentally drift, Jen would encourage me back into my body and into the experience, I am forever grateful for this. She was a rock for my husband throughout the entire experience. Looking back, I cannot believe we got so lucky to have a doula as skilled and brilliant as Jen. She truly is living her purpose and is a gift to those that choose her to be a part of their birth story. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Jen is an absolute gem.


Without Jen, I don’t think I would have survived the first month of being a new mom. I had no idea what to do, how to do it, and my husband was just as unfamiliar with the basic needs of parenthood as I was. Jen came to our house, when our baby boy was about 2 days old.  I was exhausted, scared, unprepared, and completely terrified. Jen was like an angel sent from heaven!  She helped me with nursing, bathing, breast issues, postpartum issues, circumcision issues, night feedings, the 5 S’s, etc, and not only that, she helped us around the house with basic needs. I took so much of what Jen taught me during our time together, and I still use it today.


My wife and I have the highest of praise for Jen and her ability to educate us and help to make us feel comfortable throughout the course of our pregnancy.  As the expecting father, it was at times a little stressful wondering how I would deal with things in the crucial moments of delivery, while my wife was simply trying to breathe and relax.

As it turned out, we felt confident with our preparation of the birth plan and delivered a beautiful baby boy.  We couldn’t have done it without Jen.